Friday, October 19, 2007

It's kinda like giving the hitting title to the guy with the most plate appearances.

Marcella Chester at abyss2hope weighs in on the study about feminism and satisfaction in sexual relationships:

So often when people refer to "being good at sex" they really mean "being good at getting the sexual contact they want" and who is better at this than a sexual predator who doesn't let the law or someone else's boundaries get in the way. It should be no surprise however that predators get negative or lackluster responses when they aren't actively manipulating someone. Nowhere on their success metric is the opinion of the person they targetted.

There's certainly immense pressure on men to "be good at getting the sexual contact they want" (not to mention the pressure to want particular forms of sexual contact). And there's certainly the assumption out there that the skills involved in finding a partner (extroversion, attractiveness, etc.) are the skills involved in pleasing a partner, which never made much sense to me.

How do we overcome this idea without sounding like we're whining at being the sexual have-nots (which, okay, I am doing to some degree)?

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