Sunday, May 4, 2008

The Pornographer's New Clothes

The Apostate provides a takedown [arguably NSFW] of a "nude in public" porn site, one that apparently tries to portray itself as sex-positive:

It would be innocent and non-political if the nudity was equal opportunity and not sexualized. This is explicitly sexualized and there is a definite taint of exploitation to it. MRA types call us prudes when we point these things out and say that we disapprove of nudity and would have everyone wear burkas. That’s patently false. We simply disapprove of the same-old sexism — women in the service of men — dressed up to look like open-minded “sex positivity.”

I'm hardly a socialist, but I'm becoming increasingly convinced that commercial of sex work simply doesn't work, at least when the money is going to people other than the ones being sexualized; the financial incentives simply create too much of a conflict of interest.

EDIT: In the wake of a UK bill criminalizing some forms of pornography, Red Pepper has put up a selection of opinion pieces on the subject.

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