Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Some advice

Don't pick on John McCain for being old.  Pick on him for abandoning his principles to cozy up to George W. Bush.

Don't pick on Sarah Palin for being a woman.  Pick on her for being an anti-abortion, pro-secession wingnut.

Similarly, don't pick on this guy for probably being a sexual have-not.  Pick on him for being a pretentious, misogynist pseudo-intellectual git who seems to have not realized that smart writing is about putting together ideas, not just words.

This venting brought to you by the Intercollegiate Coalition of Non-Misogynist Reluctant Virgins (alumni chapter).

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Sungold said...

In theory, you're right, of course. If we can shift this election to the issues, then the Democrats can't lose. But the drama around Palin - and her speech Wednesday night - have bumped us firmly back into culture wars territory, and that is a bad portent for Obama. That's where Republicans practice some sort of voodoo and get people to vote against their actual interests. So I'm really nervous.