Wednesday, November 28, 2007

My Mental Killfile

(Probably part 1 of many.)

Contracept as a verb
Mary Daly as representative of all feminism
Equity feminism as distinguished from gender feminism
Fiat currency
Marilyn French
as representative of all feminism
Fourth wave feminism as an existing movement
Fox News as a news source
Ifeminism as a movement
"I know I'll get flamed for saying this, but..."
Jesse Jackson or Al Sharpton as racial bogeymen
Wendy McElroy as a "good feminist"
Men's News Daily as a news source
Robin Morgan as representative of all feminism
NOW as a stand-in for all feminism
Personal responsibility as something that other people need practice more
Erin Pizzey as a "good feminist"
Political correctness used unironically
Reverse racism or reverse sexism as something as severe as the non-reverse form
Glenn Sacks as a news source
Valerie Solanas as representative of all feminism
Christina Hoff Sommers as a "good feminist"
Success objects as the equivalent of "sex objects"
World Net Daily as a news source
Cathy Young as a "good feminist"


Januaries said...

Love your list. It reminds me slightly of the humor in "10 Reasons Why Gay Marriage Is Wrong" -- a Facebook group. I'm thinking of possible additional entries... but nothing comes to my mind at this instant. Maybe something that could serve as the opposite of 'misogyny' but sound like 'androgyny', so that it would make absolutely no sense.

BASTA! said...

"Mental killfile"? This way you surely kill your own mental ability to handle difference in opinion any other way than putting fingers in your ears and singing "la-la-la".

jfpbookworm said...

There's differences in opinion, and then there are nutjobs. I try not to waste too much time on the second category.